Nature's Friendly Cleaning is both a residential and commercial cleaning service. We launched this business to help provide our community an eco-friendly cleaning service.

Nature's friendly caters to single family homes as well as businesses in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area. Nature's Friendly is fully dedicated to using eco-friendly and all natural cleaning products in your home and business. Our elite customer service and all natural cleaning service is what sets us apart. You will enjoy spending more quality times with your loved ones and doing what really matters and less time cleaning your home.

Nature's Friendly uses only products that are biodegradable, toxic-free and made from natural resources. NFC prides our work on the use of natural cleaning products that are a safe alternative for your family, pets, and home.

Forever green and clean,

Nature's Friendly Cleaning Team


Daphne Paisible
President of Marketing and Sale

I was raised in a lower-class neighborhood in Maryland by immigrant parents from Haiti. Although we didn't have much, one factor that my parents instilled in me as a young lady was the importance of cleanliness in our home. My parents like many others loved nothing more than coming home to a spotless house where the dishes were clean and our rooms were neat and tidy.

One common thing that my family like many others were sold on was the use of commercialized brands and products. I always wondered to myself just how safe are these products? There had to be a better method of cleaning a home. One that eliminated the coughing, sneezing and watery eyes caused by toxic cleaning fumes. That's where I had a new found appreciation for natural products. My goal is to provide a service to my community by keeping their health, mind, and homes naturally fresh.

Rebecca Casseus
Chief Executive Officer

After giving birth to my three wonderful children; Jonathan, Isaac and Sarah life just had a different meaning. Jonathan was born with seasonal allergies and Sarah was born preemie. Both children needed special attention. After, my previous husband and I hired a nanny to care for our children, their health condition was not progressing.

While years of visiting the children pediatrician, and months of research, finally, the test results reveals the cleaning products that I was using on a daily had a great effect on my kid’s health.  After years of using different toxic cleaning chemical, I was searching for a cleaning product that is less harmful to their health and still get the work done.  Daphne Paisibe and I had the same dream. Soon after working hard, we decided to start our own cleaning company called Nature’s Friendly Cleaning, LLC. The company has been fully operating since 2014. We did not want to start any type of cleaning company but a cleaning company that use a friendly product to our health and environment.

My name is Rebecca Casseus. I am the proud CEO, of Nature’s Friendly Cleaning, LLC.